6 Simple Car Checks You Can Carry Out at Home

Vehicle ownership can be expensive, so keeping costs down while still ensuring your vehicle performs to the highest standards is essential. To help, we have gathered a number of simple car checks you can do at home.

Oil level

The oil in your car helps everything run smoothly, and without being maintained could lead to breakdowns or engine damage.

Thankfully, examining your oil level is one of the most straightforward car checks you can do at home and involves removing the dipstick to see where the oil level is. Hopefully, the reading is above the minimum point, but if not, the oil can quickly be filled to the necessary level. If you are unsure of which oil to use, refer to your vehicle’s handbook.


Your tyres are likely to see more than their share of wear and tear over their lifespan, so a quick inspection as part of any car checks is vital.

Go over your tyres for any bulges or splits and check the inflation level – the correct level should be in your handbook. If your vehicle tyres are below the recommended inflation level, a tyre pressure gauge can easily increase their pressure. However, avoid over-inflating your tyres as the wrong level can affect fuel efficiency and cause blowouts.  


Coolant is essential for preventing your car’s engine from overheating, and while most cars have a sealed system, it is still worth regularly checking. Luckily, the majority of vehicles will have a dashboard warning light to signal if something is wrong. Just remember, if you do need to add coolant, never do so to a warm engine, as this can cause burns or damage.

Windscreen Washer Fluid

Whether for cleaning insects off during summer or mud and dirt during the winter months, ensuring your vehicle is filled with windscreen washer fluid is essential. Inspect your fluid levels regularly by checking the tank under the bonnet, filling with a quality windscreen washer fluid if needed.    


One of the more straightforward car checks you can do at home, inspecting your lights is essential for safety and avoiding a potential fine. To check, get a friend or family member to walk around the vehicle as you test each light.

Brake Fluid

Maintaining your brakes is one of the most important checks you can undertake on your vehicle and should be carried out regularly. To check, inspect the brake fluid tank under the bonnet, and if low, fill up to the necessary level. 

Car checks you can do at home: final thoughts

We hope our guide to simple car checks you can do at home has provided you with helpful information for maintaining your vehicle. However, if there is anything you are unsure about or require an expert opinion on, contacting a professional is often the best way to go.

Here at HCL Service Centre, we provide car diagnostic and car repair services to clients across the Surrey region. Call us today on 01932 849 090 and a member of our garage staff will run through your problem before giving you a unique, no-obligation quote, free of charge.


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